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Automotive Aftermarket Research

It is possible to employ any suitable combination of postal or internet questionnaires and telephone or face-to-face interviews. These are supplemented with any appropriate secondary information that may be available from libraries, industry and trade associations and the Internet.
Studies may be either ad hoc or continuous. Once set up, continuous studies are extremely cost-effective for measuring and monitoring periodically.
Quantitative Business-to-Business Research
Can be used to assess requirements from your Dealer network (and/or their trade/business customers) to help achieve effective marketing "through the channel". e.g. Opinion polls and surveys of attitudes on key issues, covering a representative sample of Dealers or business customers. Finding ideas to increase business through your Dealer network.
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Tracking Studies
Periodic quantitative surveys, using different respondent samples each time, to measure and explain movements in attitudes & purchasing patterns.
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Satisfaction Surveys
Including Dealer Network Satisfaction Surveys, Employee Satisfaction Surveys and Customer Satisfaction Surveys. Actionable ideas to boost loyalty.
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Qualitative Network Surveys
In short this is a small sample size approach that can be used to gain very valuable, detailed feedback from outlets rather than hard dry data. It can also be applied to fact-finding reports, etc.
Approached correctly, your Dealers (or their business/trade customers) will realise the benefits to all parties and will tell us what you want to know. This approach is a valuable tool for identifying key issues that can be used to:
  • Create innovative commercial strategies to give you a competitive edge.
  • Provide associated promotional ideas to roll out these strategies.
  • Form the basis for further quantitative research

  • Panels
    Regular structured discussions with ongoing agreed panel members e.g. Dealers; to anticipate changes in customers' purchasing behaviour and meet their needs in advance.
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