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Mystery Shopping

Mystery Shopping After Sales
The end objective of mystery shopping is to increase sales. There are three means to this end:
Firstly, to improve the performance, attitudes and behaviour of the personnel being monitored, by providing each member of staff with tangible feedback about their individual approach.
Mystery Shop League Table

Secondly, to ensure that current promotions and offers are being correctly pointed out and explained.
Thirdly, to keep staff alert, because they are aware of the mystery shop programme.
All aspects of mystery shopping are designed to help staff to polish and perfect the way they handle real customers. There are three broad variations of mystery shopping that will yield much information of different kinds needed to make an evaluation.
Telephone Mystery Shopping
The most cost-effective measurement method of Mystery Shopping which can be used to:
  • assess staff handling of telephone enquiries, potential sales leads or appointment opportunities.
  • provide an independent means of checking the effectiveness of a training programme.
  • act in a policing role to check performance or adherence to promotions This may be reinforced with incentives.
Mystery Shop Results Trend

Mystery shopping calls can be recorded if required. This gives the many benefits of feedback, consistency, measurability and proof, at very little extra cost. Staff can hear for themselves how to improve.
Multiple copies of tapes or CD (individual or composite) can be supplied quite economically. WAV or MP3 files can be distributed on-line if required.
Results cans be accessed online

The overt approach is the more popular, although covert mystery shopping calls can be conducted if it is decided that his approach would yield better results.
Visit Mystery Shopping
In a typical Mystery Shopping programme, a "shopper" is briefed to visit a Dealership. The shopper is given a scenario, typically a vehicle to display an interest in and questions to ask. Based on the observations made in the outlet, the shopper fills out a comprehensive questionnaire.
Video recordings of visits can be made.
Postal Mystery Shopping
The initial aim is to check that the correct literature is being sent out by the Brochure Fulfilment Agency. It also ensures that it is being sent out promptly. Postal assessment can also be used to monitor direct mail campaign timings, as well as administrative efficiency.
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