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Aftermarket Sales Potential

Automotive Aftermarket Sales Potential Analysis
The revenue from business generated by Service Departments and Parts Departments frequently represents an extremely profitable area for Vehicle Manufacturers and Dealerships.
Although not as large as the vehicle sales market, there is still a very significant Aftermarket industry worth in excess of £4 billion per annum for the 24 million plus cars already on Britain's roads. There is an ever-increasing level of competition in this very important and steadily growing Automotive Aftermarket. Therefore, to improve OEM performance within the Aftermarket, we have identified and developed a number of innovative ideas.
Market Share Evaluation
To establish, from two or more corroborating sources, residual Market Potential. This starts from a product group level and works down to individual part numbers, creating a platform for prioritising Competitor Benchmarking.
Data Extract

Sales Performance Analysis
Identifying 2 key sets of part numbers:
  • Firstly, individual parts that will benefit from price reductions where competition is intense.
  • Secondly, those which are likely to profit more from maintaining or even increasing prices (other constraints and considerations permitting).
Sales Performance Analysis

Removing Dealership Workshop Constraints
So that any commercial and promotional activities are not undermined by lack of Dealer resources or motivation we can: identify which types of work Dealers would most like to have more of coming into their Service Departments. Harness ideas from a number of Dealers to boost productivity and available capacity.
Dealership Invoice Analysis
Analysis of Dealer Parts and Service Departments' invoice data to uncover of customer segmentation and profiling information on the end user markets for different types of product, e.g.
  • Accessory sales by Product/Department/Car Age/Mileage.
  • Market share estimates of replacement parts by model.
  • Probability of crashed cars needing each panel type, light and bumper.
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