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SMR - Service Maintenance & Repair Data

Service Maintenance & Repair Data (SMR)
Most manufacturers produce SMR data for their fleet clients and vehicle funders.
Possession of accurate, up-to-date Service Maintenance & Repair data enables your customers to produce accurate and timely budgets.
SMR Data

This assists them in including your vehicles as part of their packages.
Contract out your SMR Data production to Stratagem MarketChecker
Stratagem MarketChecker staff are experienced in the production of SMR data and can help by producing your company's SMR data on your behalf in your own chosen format (Excel workbooks are fast becoming the norm) and can advise on template design to give the most easily readable output to your customers.
Parts Listing
  • frees up your marketing and sales staff to concentrate on marketing and sales
  • guaranteed to meet deadlines
  • issue the data to Stratagem MarketChecker and then relax in the knowledge that your SMR data will be returned to you complete, updated on time and accurate every time.

  • All work that is completed and data that is processed by Stratagem MarketChecker is handled on a strictly confidential basis.
    For more information on this subject please either telephone or e-mail Stratagem MarketChecker.
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